Outsiderhood is pencilled in the margins of manifestos

Outsiderhood tells a story in creases and stains

Outsiderhood has no formula but can be faked with Silver Nitrate and Hydrochloric Acid

Outsiderhood is what's left when nothing's left

Outsiderhood is at home in the grave, with the contents of lockets and threadbare imaginings

Outsiderhood is a horde of trash and a landfill of platinum-plated dreams

Outsiderhood is a hex against the rational

Outsiderhood has no frame beyond the hands that hold

Outsiderhood is T minus one to perfection, but ever T minus one, until the ink has faded

Outsiderhood has a permanent address at the dead letter office

Outsiderhood is a chain letter that started before language

Outsiderhood is the wallpaper in a chicken coop

Outsiderhood is the mousetrap in a bank vault

Outsiderhood is franked with apathy, delivered with caution, received with scepticism and tied in a bundle with your heartstrings

Outsiderhood has been seen by a hundred eye-pairs before it arrived but was meant for you

Outsiderhood is what inanimate objects say about you behind your back

Outsiderhood is a paraphrase of history, a dissertation on Tuesday afternoon

Outsiderhood is a love affair between conflicting ideologies

Outsiderhood is the chalk outline of a fallen angel

Outsiderhood is the rainbow in diesel puddles

Outsiderhood is the fortune cookie that changed history

Outsiderhood is a shitlist that never ends

Outsiderhood is the gist of what comes next

Outsiderhood is a sign 'Will work for fools'

Outsiderhood is a Time of Waste

Outsiderhood is a law unto itself and we're all on trial

Outsiderhood is born as soon as it starts to decay

Outsiderhood can only be explained by being denounced

Outsiderhood is a homoeopathic dose of love

Outsiderhood is an inoculation against determinism

Outsiderhood is a vaccine against truth

Outsiderhood is a fossil of the missing link between one person and another

Outsiderhood is your darkest secret confessed by a stranger, and what is a stranger then?

Outsiderhood will get us nowhere and lead us everywhere

Outsiderhood is the message that never arrived: 'We elope tomorrow'

'Carry Your Heart' EP

BUY THE LTD EDITION ribbon wrapped


by Catherine AD


£5 GBP (plus shipping)



Anti-Valentine's Massacre | Cat No. OUST001

You are cordially invited to the inaugural anti-valentine's day massacre on Saturday 14th February from 4pm until 8pm at London's Notting Hill Arts Club, hosted by Miss Catherine A.D. to mark the occasion of the release of the Carry Your Heart EP (released via Outsiderhood - OUST 002... buy it via Catherine's MySpace)

Date :
14th February

Place :
Notting Hill Arts Club
21 Notting Hill Gate
London W11

Your entertainment for the afternoon will include:

Musical delights from the wandering troupe of indie-rock-star-all-stars-sing-80s-power-ballads DJ sets from Ultimate Power, Catherine AD, and Drowned In Sound.

Nikki Pinder's broken heart emporium selling all manner of artefacts and curiosities

(Un)happy hour drinks prices

More line-up details and further info to follow...

For all details have a look at the 'Anti-Valentines Massacre' Facebook events page : Anti-Valentines Massacre

The above invite was designed by Nikki Pinder visit her blog http://www.nikkipinder.blogspot.com/